Picture in Focus: Jesus' Appearance to the Apostle Thomas by Unknown East European Ex Libris Artist

April 24, 2016

Picture in Focus: Jesus

As we continue our survey of new images from the Sacred Art Pilgrim Collection depicting the Post-Resurrection Christ, we come this week to the story of Doubting Thomas, recorded in the Gospel of John. The Apostle Thomas was not present when the Risen Jesus first appeared to his disciples and said he would only believe in the Resurrection, if he could touch the nail marks in Christ's hands and feel the wound in his side. When Jesus appeared to the group eight days later, he invited Thomas to see the physical evidence of the Crucifixion with his own eyes. This week's small format wood engraving by an unknown East European ex libris artist captures the moment when the once sceptical disciple recognizes he is in the presence of the Risen Lord. The ribbon of text around the central scene contains words in Latin from the exchange between Christ and the humbled disciple in John 20: 27-28 (KJV): "My Lord and my God...Be not faithless but believing." This new Post-Easter image can  be found in the East European Ex Libris page in the Schools of Sacred Art Section. (John Kohan)