Picture in Focus: Noah's Ark by Budimir Dimitrijevic

June 17, 2018

Picture in Focus: Noah

As we journey by boat through the month of June, I have a second book plate print of Noah's Ark to present this week by another East European graphic artist. Serbian Printmaker Budimir Dimitrijevic shows us the famous biblical craft long after its landing on Mount Ararat. Serenely set in a garden where birds build their nests, the landlocked ark has become the foundation for a multi-towered and domed church in the Eastern Orthodox style. Dimitrijevic's image harkens back to the writings of the Early Church Fathers, who saw Noah's ark as a type of the Church, which saves humanity from the evils of this world just as the ark brought Noah's family safely through the flood. This new bookplate from Serbia can be found in the East European Ex-Libris page in the Schools of Sacred Art section. (John Kohan)