Image in Focus: The Centurion's Servant by Frances and Richard Hook

June 7, 2020

Image in Focus: The Centurion

Christ sets aside Jewish customs on social distancing to cure the ailing servant of a Roman centurion in this week's feaured image of Jesus the Healer from the Sacred Art Pilgrim Collection. In Matthew's account of the miracle, the gentile army officer comes directly to Jesus to beg for help. In Luke's version of the story, Jewish intermediaries plead the centurion's cause. In both narratives, Jesus is prepared to enter the home of his non-Jewish supplicant in violation of purity laws. As a military man used to giving commands, the centurion tells Jesus an authoritative word from him should be enough to bring about a healing. Jesus is amazed, noting he has "not found such great faith even in Israel, (Luke 7:9, NIV)." In this week's featured mixed media sketch from the husband and wife team of Bible illustrators, Frances and Richard Hook, based on the account in Luke, the Centurion's emissaries restrain Jesus from entering the house where the officer keeps watch over his dying servant. (John Kohan)