Sacred Art Pilgrim

Recovering a lost way of looking

Sacred Art has been pushed to the margins of contemporary culture. You may parody, mythologize, or psychoanalyze religion, but it seems only a few eccentric artists take it seriously anymore. Modern Art has taught us to see paintings as panels covered with color. There is no need to search for meaning. We have all but forgotten that for most of the course of Western Civilization, art was viewed with a different kind of eye. It expressed universally-shared truths, especially, the narratives and teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

This website charts the journey of one modern art lover who set out a few years back on a quest to recover this lost way of looking. What I have encountered on the way has intrigued, excited, and moved me not only to make art but to collect works by modern artists from around the globe who have been inspired by religious themes. It is the record of one pilgrim’s progress in rediscovering the majesty, meaning, and mystery of sacred art, something I’d like to share with art lovers on similar journeys.

John A. Kohan

Sacred Art Pilgrim Sacred Art Pilgrim Sacred Art Pilgrim Sacred Art Pilgrim Sacred Art Pilgrim